November 29, 2006-Risk Management for Nonprofits

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Interests of the Group:

--Disaster planning.

--Risk within working with an online site that people can edit, like a wiki.

--Risk with overseeing contract workers.

--Risk in working with technology, taking on risk loosing information stored online.

--Risk with finances, insurances, dealing with irate clients. Stolen back ups.


--Involve more than one person in the back up process, for example one person switched the back up tapes, and another person verifies the back-up the logs.

--Lock back up to table with security cable.

--[1]Nonprofit Cares is a Free Computer Based Risk Assessment Tool for Nonprofits.

--Boards need to be involved in the Risk Management process by having a safety committee. Boards Members have risk and liability just being involved as board member with in the organization.

--Have an attorney review the office lease before you sign it.

--Business Interupption insurance, will continue to pay your expenses even if your business cannot continue to operate. For example if there is a fire and your office building burns down.

--All California employers regardless of size are required to provide sexual harrassment training. Organizations that do not take initative to prevent spam in the workplace are at risk of the sexual harrassment lawsuit.

--Run all your spam through a spam filtering service. One provider is NPO shield by Electric Embers [2]. $1 per person per month. Not full proof but works.

--Similar Trademark and infringement. Just because you have an overlap doesn't mean there is no way to come up with an agreement. Talk to a lawyer about what you can do to deal with this.

--Nonprofit Risk Management Center [3].