June 27, 2007: Fundraising Administration

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Notes from the Session

Needs of the Group:

-Fundraising Calendar Information

-Connecting with Donors

-Want to learn new fundraising resources

Examples of Shared Calendars:

-Outlook Shared Calendar

-Google Shared Calendar with add on to Sync to Handheld devices

Create a wish list about the key components you want in a shared calendar (or database etc.) then put wish list on tech soup and/or Craigslist then people will respond with suggested solutions.

Fundraising/Cultivation Examples:

-Create list of names/contacts at each foundation send to board to see if they know anyone and can introduce Executive Director to that specific foundation.

-Board Members provide names of people they know and will work with organization to solicit funds from.

-Have a board member or major donor host a house party/friendraiser. This is where the person who is hosting does the pitch/staff do administrative aspect, invitations and tracking.

Fundraising Databases used by group

-Raisers Edge


-CVent--Event Registration/Tracking Funds Raised per attendee

-Salesforce.comFree to nonprofits, but must pay to customize the database how you want it.

-Democracy in Action

Web based databases were highly encouraged and discussed by members of the group.

Someone also suggested using Alpha Software where if you know how to code or can hire a consultant to create the exact database/web based how you want it. The only downside to that is

E-mail Service Examples:

E-mail brain (cheaper alternative to Constant Contact)

NPO Groups by Electric Embers

Other great resources

Mindmanager.com--on brainstorm and ideas online

MeetingWizard--free for scheduling meetings

SMS--Give people permission to send SMS because SMS is giving e-mail a run for its money. Send out meeting reminders through SMS.

Networking groups for Fundraising Professionals

Association of Fundraising Professionals

Other nonprofit listservs on CharityChannel.org

Fundraising Administration Resources

-Fundraising Guide For NGOs

-How to Develop a Fundraising Plan

-Sample Fundraising Procedures

-Best Practices for Nonprofit Fundraising from Whatcom Council of Nonprofits

-Sample Fundraising Plan Worksheet

-Fundraising Toolkit from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

-Fundraising Section of Nonprofit Operations Toolkit