January 31, 2007-Board Development and Recruitment

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eltdartat Needs of Group:

New to being a board member.

Trying to making the transition from having an operating to governing board.

Want more diversity within the board.


Have potential board members serve on a board committee for six months before becoming a board member. This is good for getting to know potential board members, however is challenging getting new people to agree to serve in this capacity before becoming a new board member.

Use a Board Matrix for Board Recruitment. This chart lists skills and experiences needed on left column, on top row--list of Board Members and how their skills match up with the skills and experiences needed.

There should be a balance between staff and board in identifying new board members.

Committees who have non-board members. To solve gap in communication between report back from committee to entire board, require several board members to attend committee meetings.

Invite staff to specific parts of board meeting so they can report about their program area within the organization.

The majority of board work should be done in committees and through phone calls and e-mails.

It is important for Executive Directors to provide guidance to committees so it is a win win for the staff and board.

Require Board of Directors to sign indemnification agreement--sample found at Board Source [1]

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